Sophomore Electrical Engineering Technical Program (CSULB IEEE)


When I took over the SophEE program in 2017, I decided to completely revamp the program in order to be more relevant to skills needed to conduct one's own projects. The main aspect being designing a system and its printed circuit board (PCB) from start to finish.

Day 1 consists of some introductions, ice breaking and deriving a concept of operations (ConOps). The next meeting, participants jump straight into creating a schematic in EAGLE and eventually lay out their PCB and get to see it manufactured and used in their final robot.

Throughout the process, they are mentored by myself and other IEEE officers and short, casual lectures are often featured on topics such as motor control, power system design, MOSFETs and more.

Note: The documents here are from 2017, so somewhat out of date, and I have learned a lot more about schematic layout and PCB design since. There are plenty of errors, but I am leaving it up as it is still a good resource for future IEEE student officers.

Project Files

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[   ] Step3Schematic.pdf          2018-02-09 01:53   559K
[   ] Step4Layout.pdf             2018-02-11 01:41  1473K
[   ] SophEEGuidetoGithub.pdf     2018-02-09 01:55  1183K


Github Repository

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